Text: Aktivism

Campaigns and actions

At times, Amnesty focuses on a country or theme in specific campaigns and actions. The purpose is to pay attention to a specific type of human rights violations, to inform and create opinion, and contribute to concrete change. 


Information about upcoming campaigns and actions can be found in Insats. All groups/ districts are invited to participate, but you must register your participation yourself. As a participant in the campaign/action you will receive information about the purpose and objectives, what material you can order, as well as tips and suggestions on activities. Usually, our campaigns/actions include instructions for both letter writing/ name gatherings, public actions, work via mass media/social media and much more. 

What is meant by campaign/action…?

When we use the word “campaign” within Amnesty, we primarily refer to our global campaigns, in which virtually all Amnesty sections in the world participate.

The term “action” refers to a shorter gathering of power around a particular theme. Some actions recur at about the same time each year:

Long term campaigns


Also human

Time for Change

Action forms

Web actions

Amnesty Press

Amnesty Alert

Urgent actions

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